Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Palestinians Need to Look Forward? They Are!

Palestinians : Look Forward, not Backward

...Palestine, in peace, can offer the region far more than as a constant antagonist. Of course, that means the activists need to stop exploiting Palestinian suffering for their own needs, too. But mainly, Palestinians need to stop listening to the no-future activists who promise only confrontation...

Commentary by walford

The Palestinians ARE looking forward -- to destroying Israel.

In word and deed, it is clear and consistent that the vast majority of Muslims will accept negotiating Israel's [gradual or accelerated] demise if the Jewish State is not violently destroyed, but however it is accomplished, this objective is sacrosanct in the Islamic world. Therefore exacerbating and exploiting the Palestinians' suffering will continue. The suicide bombings and indiscriminate rocket attacks will continue.

It makes no difference what concessions Israel makes.

The withdrawal from Gaza has shown how the Palestinians and their benefactors in Iran, Syria and the rest of the Arab world will respond to further land concessions. Israel could dismantle every checkpoint, completely withdraw from the West Bank and open every border around Gaza. The Israelis could do nothing when suicide bombers detonate themselves in markets, nightclubs and transit buses. The same goes for mortar and rocket attacks launched into civilian areas.

Everyone knows what the result would be if Israel went belly-up and it would not be peace. And Westerners who hope that once the Jewish State is gone, that they will be safe as the Muslims are satiated are dangerously naive.

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