Monday, June 14, 2010

Immigrant, Alien or Invader?

Commentary by walford

Some important definitions that are all too often avoided in polite conversation when we consider what to do about those who continue to enter the United States illegally. These different terminologies matter a great deal when discussing this very important subject -

Immigrant: Person who legally enters the host country and demonstrates a sincere desire to join the socieity, contributing to and assimilating from cultural aspects thereof, including language, political morality [viz. embracing freedom], music, food, clothing, religion, family traditions, sex roles, etc.

Such persons are invested in the host country's future. They are thusly resolved to adapt and further enrich it.

Alien: Person who legally or illegally enters another country while holding allegiance to the original homeland, completely eschewing all aspects of the host country's cultural and social aspects, preferring to live as if they were still in his/her native land.

Such persons form enclaves in the host country where citizens therefrom are not welcome.

Invader: Alien who violates the borders of another country with the explicit intent to completely supplant the host country's society -- demographically, politically, economically and culturally.

Such persons expect the host country's citizenry to adapt to them or be engulfed if not wiped out.

Amongst the majority of those currently here illegally -- and those who keep coming -- who belong to which categories? Let us not delude ourselves when we consider this question as we formulate a response.

Tolerating the last two groups erodes the host country politically, culturally and economically. It is also perpetuates corruption and stagnation in the country of origin. It is the exact opposite of compassion.

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