Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Look Inside the Life of Rachel Uchitel and Fellow VIP Hosts and Bottle Girls -- New York Magazine

Commentary by walford


...Men like to cheat without strings, and you can’t stop a civilian from falling in love. But Woods found a way to enjoy the best of both worlds in one type of woman, a Venn diagram of sexual satisfaction. Most of his mistresses lived in a nebulous in-between world. Not prostitutes, no, but just about halfway there. As surely as he has changed the game of golf, so too has Woods exposed the grazing ground of the halfway-hooker, and her natural habitat, the nightclub.

...Cocktail waitresses evolved from out-of-work actresses into Penthouse Pet–level creatures who sparred with their co-workers for client gratuities by expanding their breadth of service. Their take-home pay skyrocketed from $300 a night to $3,000 banner shifts. With the volume of VIP clients growing and the number of tables quadrupling, the need for organization spawned the creation of the VIP host, someone who could be trusted with the biggest clients.

Ours is truly a sociopathic culture in which increasingly Westerners view each other as means to an end -- commodities, in fact. This article is truly a distressing testament. If it feels good do it, indeed.

Those who would replace our way of life with a theocracy in which women are considered little more than livestock......what can we say in response?

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