Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Sickness of Western Culture: Can We Survive it?

Culture’s shifting sands on moral standards
by Gilbert T. Sewell

Sixty years ago juvenile delinquency and what to do about it suddenly drew a round of national soul searching. We no longer even use the term. We think in terms of juvenile monsters.

Yesteryear’s hoods and troublemakers seem quaint and innocent beside today’s appalling school murders, gang rapes and teenage mayhem...

...Put together violent, porn-saturated electronic entertainment and armed, shame-free, unparented young men. Crazy things happen...

...Who is delinquent? A sociopath? A truant, an unwed mother, a rapist of drunken and unconscious girls, a meth addict or a mass murderer? Where does anybody rightly draw the line?
Commentary by walford

Our species is no less subject to Nature's Laws than any other living thing. A culture can have a sickness as well and Western Civilization is very ill indeed.

Just as it is with an individual, a culture can evolve through stages and be stuck in a certain one. The Islamic World is currently in an infantile stage in which demons, spirits and ghosts drive their lives without question as the self-appointed spokesmen for the Almighty play to fear, envy, lust and other base emotions to take and hold power over others.

Western Civilization is currently in a juvenile stage. Our technology makes us tempted to indulge in hubris as we are drunk with our capabilities, but have little concern as to the consequences.

And just as it is with an individual, the juvenile stage is a dangerous one, because Nature brooks no disobedience of Her Laws w/o consequences.

So our youth -- particularly those of the affluent -- is being raised to think that they are victims and entitled to do unto others. They are raised to have no investment in the world they leave behind; that there is no Order or Justice in the universe and that life is not a blessing, but merely an accident of good or bad fortune.

The Islamic world in its infantilism has not "progressed" beyond that and may indeed succeed in surviving as they watch us destroy ourselves from within -- and bide their time.

Then, all that the so-called progressives hold dear will go the way of the dinosaur as we continue to select ourselves for extinction. Fearful of freedom and contemptuous of the majority, the Left has worked diligently to revert us to a medieval socio-economic structure in which most of us live in poverty, ignorance, disenfranchisement and oppression as we are lorded over by an arrogant elite.

It need not be this way. Our civilization can survive and go to a mature stage in which we progress in our technology, mindful of the consequences of our choices upon ourselves and our posterity. The Founding Fathers of the United States of America got us to a good start. If the West have any chance, we would be well-advised to review their works and continue where they left off.

Otherwise, the barbarians are not only at the gate, they have breached the perimeter.

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