Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cautionary Tale in Greece

Commentary by walford

Three Dead as Greek Strike Grows Violent

One teacher recently interviewed in the streets of Athens said basically that so long as someone has more than her, the government is neither taking enough from them nor giving enough to her.

The violence we are witnessing tragically demonstrates that this pathogenic mentality is deeply entrenched in Greek society. We should look upon this as a cautionary tale as to the inherent risks of a social welfare state.

It is juvenile and dangerous. Basically the people want what they want and haven't a care where it comes from, much less any conception of created wealth. The only thing they understand is dividing finite pies and cannot conceive of how only in a private economy can new pies be baked.

If it ever comes to pass that Americans turn out in the streets burning cars to protest a welfare program being capped [not even cut], then we too will be hopelessly lost.

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